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Responsible Gaming

The hunt for the biggest progressive jackpots is thrilling. But, unfortunately, also addictive. Because of that, it is highly recommended to use the different types of gaming limits, to make a safe casino environment for gambling and to prevent gambling issues. You will find a few different gaming limits on all the online casinos found on this site. Using these limits will make it easy to make sure that you do not lose money you cannot afford to lose, and do not spend too much time at the online casino.

Gaming limits

Gaming limits are simply a limit that will prevent spending too much money, or time, on the internet casino. Using these, you will get a safe casino environment, but for the limits to work, you will need to activate them.

Deposit limit

A deposit limit sets a limit for how much money you can deposit within a given period of time. This limit makes it easy to stick to a budget for online gambling.

Wager limit

The wager limits works nearly the same way as a deposit limit. But this limit focus on how much you wager within a given period of time. Once this limit is met, you cannot make any new bets until a new period starts.

Time limit

A time limit keeps track on how much time you spend on the casino. Once you have spent the available time, you will be logged out, and cannot log back in until a new period starts. With this limit you can be safe that you will not spend too much time at the internet casino.

Break & close account

Every now and then you can be short on cash, or have some other issues you should rather focus on, than play at a casino. At times like these it is recommended to take a break from inter casino gambling. You can then close your account for a given period of time.
If you suspect that you might have developed gambling issues, it is time to close the account permanently. Once you have done this it will not be possible to log back in or make any more bets. It is also highly recommended to get professional help.

There are several organizations specialized in providing help to people who have gambling issues, or people who knows someone with gambling issues.