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Jackpot Strategy

Few things sound dodgier than slot strategy. But, there is more than one jackpot strategy that can help you get a better gaming experience, increase the RTP, and give you a better chance to win the big jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

First of all, you have to understand the basics of progressive jackpot slots before you jump into the jackpot strategy. Progressive slots differ from normal slots by the progressive jackpot. While normal slots have a fixed jackpot worth a given value, progressive slots normally do not have any upper limit for how much the jackpot can be worth.

The progressive jackpot is growing because of the jackpot contribution. From every single spin made on the progressive slot, a given percentage is set aside to the jackpot. This percentage can vary from 2 – 3 % and up to 8 %.

The jackpot contribution is added to the theoretical Return To Player, and on some slots like Bell of Fortune, you have to place max bets to have a chance to win the jackpot. Just this is a simple but effective jackpot strategy to increase the RTP of the slot. If you play smaller bets on Bell of Fortune, you will have an RTP of 87.92 %, while playing max bets gives you 94.12 % RTP.

Best Progressive Slots

Local Jackpot

Normally, local jackpots are the smallest progressive jackpots. A local jackpot is a jackpot that can only be won on a given slot on a given casino. One of the most popular slots with a local jackpot is the Mega Joker slot by NetEnt. If you visit a few casinos offering this slot, you can see that the jackpot value is different on each casino. The reason for this is that only bets placed on the given casino contribute to that casino’s Mega Joker Jackpot. A good jackpot strategy for slots with a local jackpot is to play at the casino with the biggest local jackpot.

Shared Jackpot

Slots with shared jackpots, like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, are well-known for their huge jackpots. These progressive slots differ from the local jackpot slots as the jackpot contribution is collected from any casino offering the given game. In other words, if you play at JackpotVillage or Mr Green, the jackpot is the same, and a given percentage is deducted from each spin, regardless of the casino, and added to the shared jackpot.

Must Drop Jackpot

Normally, the Must Drop Jackpots are local jackpots. But, they differ in that way that the progressive jackpot has to be paid out within a given time. This can also give you a great gaming experience. When you load any slot with Must Drop Jackpots, you can find a timer showing how much time there is left until the jackpot has to be paid out. A good strategy can be to wait until the jackpot has grown in size, and when there is not much time left.

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Jackpot Strategy

We have already mentioned a few jackpot strategies, but there are a few more. All of the remaining strategies requires a bit of knowledge, and you can find all this information in our jackpot slot reviews. We can divide these jackpot strategies into specific jackpot strategy for a given slot and generic progressive slots strategy.

Strategy of Slots

Mega Joker by NetEnt is known as one of the best online slots. The reason is the 99.00 % Return to Player. No other online slots can compete with that. But, to enjoy the high RTP, you have to use the optimal Mega Joker Strategy. This jackpot strategy is complex, but it is worth learning. Without it, Mega Joker has an RTP of only 85.28 %.

Average Jackpot Strategy

Another way to time your jackpot hunt, is to check the average jackpot value for a given slot. The Mega Moolah ISIS Jackpot has an average value of €4,343,094. So, when you see the value go over this, you know it is time to start spinning. 

Timing & Jackpot Strategy

Timing can be crucial when chasing a shared or a local jackpot. For example, the Empire Fortune Jackpot is won every 99th day. So a simple, but effective jackpot strategy is to start playing when it has been more than 99 days since the last Empire Fortune Jackpot was won.