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About us

The team behind Progressive Jackpot shares the interest in online casinos, and especially progressive jackpots online. Another interest we have in common are online slots. Combined we have several years of experience from all sides of a casino, even as players. We found that it was difficult to find new and relevant information about progressive jackpots and progressive slots online, so that day we decided to create this site. And we hope this site will give you helpful information that you can use to get a better player experience.

What we do

No doubt that this site focus on progressive jackpots online. But, that can be a lot of things. So you will find a lot of information about progressive slots, casino promotions focusing on progressive slots or jackpots, and not to forget the latest news about the lucky winners that have managed to land the big and lifechanging prize.

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At the moment we are also cooperating with another casinosite. Best Casino Bonuses Online. Here you will find reviews about the best online casinos. Get updates on casino promotions. And not to forget, find the best online casino bonus!

Contact us

We will do our best to find all relevant, important and most entertaining news, and this site is made for you. But, sometimes we might not have done our homework properly. If you have any ideas on how we could improve our site, or know about a progressive slot we should have known about, you can simply send us a message using the contact form found on Grumpy Boo Affiliation and we will sort it right away. We hope you enjoy our site about progressive jackpots and in advance, thanks for any feedback!