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  • Online Lottery: DinoLotto
  • Draw: Tuesday, Friday, 06:45 PM CET
  • Price: €2.75
  • Guaranteed Jackpot: €50,000,000
  • Record Jackpot: €50,000,000
  • Winner Chance: 1:139,838,160
  • Available at: CherryCasino

DinoLotto Lottery

DinoLotto, also known as the €50 million Lotto because of its huge guaranteed Lotto jackpot, is one of the most popular online Lotteries. It is a rather new online Lottery, and it is based on the EuroMillions draw. But there are some important differences, the jackpots can be bigger, the Lottery tickets can be cheaper, and there is a €50,000,000 guaranteed jackpot. The draw is taking place twice a week giving you the opportunity to get the big win at the beginning of the week, and just before the weekend.

How to Play DinoLotto

Playing €50 million Lotto online is easy. At least if you have your lucky numbers ready. You can choose if you want to buy 1 to 6 lines on your DinoLotto lottery ticket. You make this choice by choosing 5 numbers between 1 and 50 + 2 Dino numbers between 1 and 12. You can also do this automatically by pressing on the two arrows crossing each other. Once this is done, you choose the draw you want to participate in, either Tuesday or Friday. Then choose the duration for your Lottery ticket, and set the date for the first draw. Simply press ‘Add to cart’ and you are set for a thrilling online Lottery draw.

DinoLotto Boosterball Bets

It is possible to get even more excitement from the DinoLotto draw by placing a DinoLotto Boosterball Bet. To do this you have to press the purple ‘B’ under your line and choose 3 Boosterballs. You can select a wager between €1 and €10. If you match your Boosterball with the numbers in your draw you will win an additional prize between €1,000 and €10,000 dependent on your wager.

Best DinoLotto Casino

You don’t have too many options if you want to play DinoLotto online. CherryCasino is the only online casino offering tickets for this draw. Bet they do it well. When you buy your first lottery ticket for DinoLotto, CherryCasino gives you a guarantee, either you win on your first lottery ticket, or you get your money back. Follow this link to get your €50 million Lotto ticket:

  • Visit and register
  • Get your guaranteed Lottery Ticket for DinoLotto